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Anglický článek – úroveň B1: What is so exciting about the beginning of summer?

Well, each of us can get excited about various things, but what people generally enjoy about the start of the hottest season are their gardens and the possibility to work there. Yes, we do like gardening, planting seeds, bulbs, watching them grow, watering them and then, finally, collecting the crop.

anglický článek

The one who has a garden, doesn´t certainly lack a few flowerbeds full of a variety of vegetables or fruits. So what are we used to planting? I guess we can´t do without strawberries, as they are so sweet and mostly children love them. As well as these, currants are pretty popular, especially for the fact that we can have them frozen. Like this, we can enjoy them for the whole year as a part of cakes or pies. Someone grows grapes, plums, peaches, apricots, pears or apples too. Fruit trees can as well need some special care so it is good to know something about this if you want to be a successful „producer“.

As far as vegetables are concerned, there are many types we usually fancy growing. Peas, cucumbers, courgettes, lettuces, carrots or radishes. Herbs or spice can´t be forgotten, so let me mention chives or mint at least.

The fact that one seeds it and it grows up to the delicious crop is very essential. In spite of it, I find it very exciting, beautiful and full of new life, energy and motivation.

That´s what I personally love about the start of summer. Don´t you? 😊

(Pomocníček – složitější výrazy: to lack = postrádat, to be used to + ing = být zvyklý na, to do without = obejít se bez, as far as ___ is/are concerned = co se týče)


  1. Explain what the following words stand for:

a flowerbed

a pear


a herb

  1. Write down at least ten examples of possibly grown vegetables in the garden.
  2. Do the same with fruit.
  3. Answer the questions:

What do we have to do so that the seeds would grow?

What are chives good for?

Which fruit can we freeze for future use?

  1. Write a story: Me and gardening.


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