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Štítek: úroveň B1

Anglický článek – úroveň B1: What is so exciting about the beginning of summer?

Well, each of us can get excited about various things, but what people generally enjoy about the start of the hottest season are their gardens and the possibility to work there. Yes, we do like gardening, planting seeds, bulbs, watching them grow, watering them and then, finally, collecting the crop. The one who has a…
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B1: Co je to pozornost a proč bychom měli závidět chlapům, že umí dělat jen jednu věc najednou?

Attention: What is it and why should we envy men because of being able to do just one activity at a time? Everything we do requires attention. When you write a letter, you have to hold a pen, think about what you are writing and actually write. It takes a lot of your energy and…
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