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B2: Anglický článek o tom, jak už konečně přestat dělat věci na poslední chvíli

Neustále něco odkládáte? Změňte to!

Postponing things all the time? Change it!

Do you know that bad feeling when the deadline of your task at work or school is dangerously approaching and you know that you haven´t even begun to work on it? That feeling of guilt and panic at the same time when knowing that you don´t have any idea when you will do this task? Do you know these situations? I guess that you do. But changing this approach would make your life much easier, so don´t you want to try it?

The first step to help you get rid of this bad habit of postponing things is first to identify and write down tasks which are important for you. If there are so many tasks on your list that it nearly scares you, don´t panic. Start with the easiest of your tasks and it will help you to prepare your mind for working harder from now on. After you complete each task, don´t forget to tick it. It will make you feel good because of accomplishing something. It will increase your motivation and you will want to do something more and more.

Try to think about every task in the way that you will do it either now or never. And so start it now. And believe that one of the worst things you can do is to leave it “half-done” for another day. If you have any possibility to do it now, do it, or otherwise “another day” will change into “another week” or -even worse-”another month”.

So stay motivated and do everything as soon as you can. Try to find something nice in everything which you have on your to-do list. Every task is good for something and almost everything could be made at least a little bit entertaining if you try – but it is only you who can change the way of thinking. Imagine the great feeling when finishing the task and do it. Now.

  1. Find antonyms of these words:

dangerously ____________

easier ____________

increase ____________

worst ____________

nice ____________

entertaining ____________

important ____________

everything ____________

  1. Conversation

How often do you postpone doing things?

What kind of tasks do people often postpone?

What was the worst consequence of postponing which you have experienced?

What is your opinion about how to get rid of this bad habit?

How do you motivate yourself when you have to do something unpleasant?

3.Write the past forms of these words:

change ____________

try ____________

know ____________

forget ____________

think ____________

find ____________

imagine ____________

begin ____________


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