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B1: Co je to pozornost a proč bychom měli závidět chlapům, že umí dělat jen jednu věc najednou?


What is it and why should we envy men because of being able to do just one activity at a time?

Everything we do requires attention. When you write a letter, you have to hold a pen, think about what you are writing and actually write. It takes a lot of your energy and attention. When you talk to someone, you need to keep the eye contact, listen carefully and understand to that person. It requires a lot of your energy and attention, again.

When understanding this, we should see that to do one thing at a time is the best thing to do. One´s attention is not unlimited, no. It is just the opposite. We have a limited „container“ of attention which we can divide into more activities, but the more activities and the more split attention, the worse results.

Just imagine writing a letter, talking to your partner and eating dinner all at once. Isn´t this a little crazy? You have to give some attention to writing so that it makes some sense, some to talking so that you at least somehow know what the person is saying, and some to eating so that you put the food straight into your mouth and not feed your cheeks… You are apparently able to do all the activities together, but what do you guess is the quality of them?

Would the letter be better when written at a time you were not busy with anything else? Would the conversation with your partner be of higher quality when you had time only for it? And would the dinner taste better when eaten while just eating and doing nothing else? The answer is „yes“, all would be better if done separately.

Our attention is the most beautiful and worthy thing we can provide. Hence, try to spend it wisely. As you can see now, men spend their attention wisely. They know that they can do just one thing at a time and that is how they do it the best. Women do finally have something to learn from men, don´t they? 🙂


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