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A2 (jednodušší): Léto není jen čas nicnedělání

Children do not go to school. Adults work, but not so much. The sun shines. What season is it? Yeah, summer! Everybody likes it. Why?

The weather is nice, we can wear shorts, skirts and tops, we can do sports outside… We have a lot of energy and want to do everything! Really? Do we really want to do everything? No, it is not true. We do not want to work, because the sun shines and swimming and playing volleyball is better. We do not want to study because our friends invite us to parties and trips and we have no time to study. We do not want to tidy our houses because it it not important now – we are often in the garden and our houses are only for sleeping in summer. It looks that in summer we only want to have fun and relax.
But summer is a long time, about three months, and we can not do nothing during it. So how to have perfect summer but do something good and useful? It is easier than you think.
Find one thing that you want to make – but this can not be anything easy. It must be an important thing which not everybody can make and not everybody has it. It can be a beautiful garden full of flowers. An interesting book about your last trip. A special weekend for your family or friends where they can play something interesting together. It can be a lot of things, but one is enough.
At the beginning of your summer holiday, find this something. Then, plan what all you must do to make this happen. Write all the necessary activities in your notebook and then choose some days during your holiday when you can do these activities. For example: You want to practise your English and get better – your level is A2 now and you want to get to B1. This is your dream. There are some activities which you must do if you want to get better:

revise what you already know
learn new vocabulary
learn new grammar
speak with somebody
read articles
listen to English songs
listen to English recordings
write some sentences

You can do some of these activities alone but you need a partner or a teacher for some others. You will start with revising what you already know, then you will go to a language school for one course and learn something new, talk with other students and get better and then you will practise reading, listening and writing sentences at home.
It is hard work, but at the end of your holiday, your English will be excellent. You will be better and happy. So what is more – to do nothing during your free time or to do something useful?



Write the opposites for these words:





to invite







Talk to your partner about these questions. (If you do not have a partner, answer these questions on your own):

Where do you like to go on your holiday?

What do you usually do in your free time?

How often do you go on holiday and who with?

What countries did you visit when you were a child?


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