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1. Tell me about your pets or about pets of your friends:

2. Quiz:
– How many pets did I have as a child?
– What pets do I have now?
– When will I have a dog?

Hello people!

Today, we will speak about our beautiful pets which we can have at home or in gardens. When I was a little boy, I loved animals and I really wanted to have a pet. My parents weren´t very happy but it ended well for me. I got a hamster and I was so happy.


A lot of parents are worried because children stop playing or don´t want to care about the pet. I stopped doing it too. So we didn´t have any pets for some years. One day, my mother told me that we go on a trip to Kolín and I didn´t know why. In Kolín, we went to a flat and a nice lady welcomed us. We were sitting on a sofa and the lady opened the door of a balcony and a big group of puppies ran to our feet. This group of young dogs was so cute and my mom took one puppy in her hands. She said: This is Baruška, our new dog. She was so small but after some years she grew up and was a very brave mother of her group of puppies.


Now, I live in our house with my girlfriend and there is no fence around our new house. We can´t have a dog. We would like to have it, we must wait. We have two cats. One is very friendly, big and white. His name is Muff. He loves everybody and he is always with us in the house. We have a black cat too. We call her Kočí and she is not so friendly. She often goes outside and eats mice. She doesn´t like Muff much but Muff loves her and wants to play with her.

In the future, we will have the dog which will live in the garden.

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