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Once, I overheard that helping each other is considered aswhat the evolution of mankind is based on. It has a tendency to cultivate relationships and builds the actual characters. I must say that I highly agree. If you are a person who is simply able to offer help toone in need and of course without any side intentions, you should be praised!

It has been several months after a big disaster which had struck and left a huge scar in the region of South Moravia and nobody seems to be interested in it anymore. Honestly, I can´t remember a tornado emerging in our peacefulcountry and crippling the south part of the Czech Republic, what a disaster.

Anyway, there are still some people who don´t hesitate to go there and help. They spend their time and cover the costs by themselves, however, the atmosphere among the volunteers and locals is always full of gratefulness and laughter. Don´t be mistaken, locals still provide food and accommodation to anybody who is willing to give a helping hand.

My last visit was filled with mixed feelings. Thanks to a Facebook group, we reached a village with a lot of houses with missing roofs. In the morning, Mrs. Šárka welcomed us in a very friendly way and we started working immediately. Throughout the day, we were preparing all necessities for covering the roof with the tiles. It included moving the tiles under the roof, passing the tiles to each other on the ladder, attaching the covering nett beneath the last tile against birds, and laying the tiles precisely one next to another one. It was a successful day, however, it wasn´t the end. In the evening, we could have feasted all together at one table.

The real bummer came the other day as half of the group didn´t turn up. For a brief moment, we were paralysed and surprised at their not coming without saying a word. This fact hadn´t stopped us, on the contrary, it motivated us to get the work done even short-handed. Guess what! On that day, we covered the whole half of that roof. We had been collaborating for the common good and after leaving the place in the direction of Pilsen, one could notice wide smiles on our faces.

As far as I am concerned, having something repaired for money from a company is easy and of course, needed if you are not skilful enough to do it by yourself. And yet you can experience such a heartwarming feeling whenever something is created by your own hands.


1. Create antonyms:

actual –
peaceful –

to remember –

laughter –

to cover –

brief –

2. Make 3 sentences with each anytonym:


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