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What do people look like? (jednodušší anglický článek, úroveň A2)

An easy English article at the level of A2

Well, people can have various appearances. Somebody is tall, somebody is short, somebody is fat and somebody is slim. Our face is very important too. Our face can be round or oval and we usually have hair (but somebody is bald). Our hair can be short or long and it can be straight, wavy or curly. Hair is of various colours – black, brown or blonde. Are you satisfied with your hair?

On our face we can have wrinkles or freckles. Wrinkles are typical of older people and freckles are normal for everybody. Somebody has freckles all over their body. Our eyes are very important – they can be blue, green, brown or grey, somebody´s eyes are a combination of more colours, like grey and green, for example. Our mouth is usually red or pink and teeth should be white. We have two cheeks and a nose which is in the middle of our face. We have two eyebrows over our eyes. Some people can have a scar on their face or on another part of their body. We have ears, too, and we can hear thanks to them.

Our body is very important for us, so we should care for it. We should wash our hands and face regularly and we should shower or bath our body every day. When we do it, we feel good and we look good.

More difficulat words from the story: 

an appearance … vzhled

bald … plešatý

a wrinkle … vráska 

a freckle … piha 

a cheek … líce/ tvář

a scar … jizva

Pokud přesně nerozumíte nadpisu, doporučujeme shlédnout tento náš videotip.




  1. Write three adjectives:
  2. a)      Our hair can be:
  3. b)     Our body can be:
  4. c)      Our eyes can be:


  1. Find the right words:

____________ is a sign of old age.

Harry Potter has a _________ on his forehead.

Over our eyes, there are ______________.

We should __________ our body every day.


  1. Describe your body and face in fifteen sentences.


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