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Anglický článek A2-B1: People around us

people around usThere are people everywhere, right? There are people in the streets, in shops, at the cinema, in the countryside, at church, at our places. But not all of these people are „just people“. Some of them are close to us, others are interesting but we do not know them. Let´s talk about people a little bit more.

We can divide people in a few groups:

  1. our relatives
  2. our friends and the people that we know
  3. unknown people

Let us start with the first group. Our relatives are members of our family. Who belongs here? Our mother, father, sibling, grandparents, cousins, aunts, uncles, parents-in-law etc. These people are usually close to us and we know them well.

The second group contains our friends, colleagues, classmates or acquiantances. These are different people who we like a lot or just know a bit. We can spend a lot of time with them or we can meet them just sometimes or rarely.

The third group is formed by the people who we do not know. We can these people „strangers“. Strangers can come from the same country as us or as well, they can be foreigners who speak a different language from us.

People generally can be babies, adolescents, adults, children, pensioners, teenagers – they can as well be married, single, divorced, pregnant, unemployed or retired. You can use many adjectives for describing the people who you know or don´t know.

Good luck with meeting new people and finding new friends 😊


  1. Write at least three places where we can find people.
  2. Write at least seven family relatives.
  3. Who is:

a pensioner

an acquintance

a colleague

a pregnant woman

a single person

an adult

  1. Write the opposites:

unemployed       ______________

married              ______________

an adult              ______________

a friend               ______________

a stranger          ______________

  1. Write a name of somebody who you know who is:

a baby

an adolescent

a pensioner

a divorced person

a grandmother


2 Responses

  1. Blanka Paulová napsal:

    At the street,in a shop,in the school. Mother,father,son,daughter,grandma,grandpa,son in law,dauhter in law,sister,brother.
    Pensioner is a man,who doesn´t work yet and takes a pension.
    An acquintance is a man,who is known.
    A colleaque is a man who has the same employment as me.
    A pregnant woman is awaiting a baby.
    A single person lives alone.
    An adult is a man who has more than 18 years.
    Employed, a single,teenager,enemy.Stranger ca be a local person,and foreigner too.
    Our little Jane, a granddaughter of our neighbours,me and my husband, our neighbour, me.

    • perfectwor napsal:

      Krásná práce, Blani, moc děkujeme!
      Jen pozor, že všichni lidé „in law“ se píší s pomlčkami: „son-in-law“ apod. 🙂
      Každopádně ještě jednou díky!

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