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Štítek: anglické články

Cold showers

Have you ever heard about having a regular cold shower may be very effective for both your mind and your body? Let´s stop for a moment and think about what you have dealt with lately. Someone needn´t admit having problems, so we can call it, for example, obstacles to overcome. You have to overcome something…
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Once, I overheard that helping each other is considered aswhat the evolution of mankind is based on. It has a tendency to cultivate relationships and builds the actual characters. I must say that I highly agree. If you are a person who is simply able to offer help toone in need and of course without any side…
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Anglický článek B1: What does it take to be a parent?

Well, we all definitely know some parents, maybe we ourselves are ones. Being a parent is an essential thing that enters our lives one day without asking us for allowance. It comes out of nowhere and here it is. It requires a lot of attention, energy and what´s the most important – positivity and leadership.…
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Anglický článek A2-B1: People around us

There are people everywhere, right? There are people in the streets, in shops, at the cinema, in the countryside, at church, at our places. But not all of these people are „just people“. Some of them are close to us, others are interesting but we do not know them. Let´s talk about people a little…
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