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Cold showers

Have you ever heard about having a regular cold shower may be very effective for both your mind and your body?

Let´s stop for a moment and think about what you have dealt with lately. Someone needn´t admit having problems, so we can call it, for example, obstacles to overcome. You have to overcome something on daily basis – to get up early, to work with annoying colleagues, to choose what to eat, not to get angry in a traffic jam or to help your relatives. Try remembering how many thoughts fly through and through your mind daily, how many issues there are to solve, how many calls you make or just how many videos on YouTube you watch each day. That´s loads of attention you are paying every single day. You willingly give it to your colleagues, your friends and family or even to the creator on YouTube or social media.

If we imagine having the attention as imaginary money of our brain, can we earn it back anyhow? Of course, we can do that! Money is meant to be spent but earned back as well. One way of earning it back is available in every household. It is our bathtub or shower corner. What happens when you turn the tap to the other side and you are suddenly exposed to the cold? Don´t get horrified, you don´t have to turn it to the absolute cold. You can proceed step by step.

But eventually, your body is brought into a positive shock and you have no other option than to be in the present moment. I guarantee you that your head is going to be empty and free of your thoughts completely. That is the very point of earning your attention back. The cold water can become the charger and your mind is the battery. Whenever you are exposed to the cold water, you stop paying your attention to whatever is outside. You are charging!

And of course, there is the usual benefit of it here as well – your body is going to get used to it slowly and reach the toughness. However, this effect doesn´t turn up overnight! If you are persistent enough, you will be rewarded approximately in one year. The reward will be your hardened immunity and you can spend your winter peacefully without a runny nose or having a cold.

Approved by me, Lukáš Berka! But don´t trust me, try it! 🙂


1. Explain the following words:

to get horrified

through and through

to get used to

to turn up

something is meant to be spent

Do you have any experience with strengthening your health? What is it?

Have you every tried going to cold water for a longer time?

What is your opinion about people wanting things immediately?

Have you already thought about how many things you pay attention to daily and what it causes?


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